False Dowry 498a Complaint Case


False Dowry 498a Complaint Case

Fighting against False Dowry and Harassment Case

False dowry and harassment cases filed by women on in laws and husbands are being heavily misused. The government is following steps to amend it to make justifiable to all. The number of false cases being filed against the husband and his family has been rising and has come in notice of the government.

Introducing penalty and punishment for the misuse of the act is an action that the government is likely to take. In order to curb the misuse of this act, a judgment passed by the Supreme Court on the IPC 498A states that the police must give reasons before arresting the accused.

How to protect yourself from false 498A case

There are 2 options available if your wife or in laws have filed or are threatening to file a false 498A dowry harassment complaint case against you and your family.

First, if your wife is staying with you, we would advice you to make call recordings or video recording of her making such threats. These recordings will make strong evidence if and when the case goes into trial in the court.

Second, if she has left your home then you can file a written complaint in the local police station stating that she left your house. If the case has already been filed we suggest you to hire a competent advocate to defend yourself and your family in the court.

You also may even want to file an anticipatory bail for yourself and your family if you suspect that a criminal complaint can be filed against you.

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