Digital Inheritance and Benefits of Safe Haven


Digital Inheritance and Benefits of Safe Haven

Cryptocurrencies are the new investing avenue. As of January 2018, there are over 1384 cryptocurrencies and they are still growing. As per the market capitalization, bitcoin is the largest blockchain network. A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange.

With this huge boom, investors are attracted to the crypto world. With a steep rise in investment in cryptocurrencies have you ever thought of what will happen to these digital currencies after your demise? These digital assets are encrypted and heavily protected by passwords. You must have really not thought about the inheritance of digital assets. When it comes to physical property, like house, car or land it is easier to transfer it to your successors but how will you transfer your digital assets.

There is no guarantee of life. With the increase in heart diseases and terminal illnesses, you may never know what will happen the next moment. Therefore, if you are investing in digital assets it is the need of the hour to understand the inheritance issues around digital currency.

To facilitate this mechanism, Safe haven has devised a platform to enable inheritance of digital currencies. If you are investing in bitcoins and are scared of losing your assets, safe haven is the solution for you.

Safe Haven has a platform to safely share the keys of cryptocurrencies with your chosen people by using TFC share distribution key, Escrow Protocol and their Trust Alliance Program. Through their portal, Safe Haven ensures that these digital assets are protected and handles inheritance. Through its platform, it stores and encrypt information on the blockchain network and makes it inheritable which is only accessible to the categorically mentioned recipients. Safe haven protocol distributes the shares in such a way that the initiator keeps, at all cost, the control over his assets.

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