Divorce Notice | Step-by-Step Guide.

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Step by step guide to send Legal notice for divorce.

How to send Legal Notice for Divorce?

In marriage, to send legal divorce notice in India should be the last resolve to end a conflict, but many couples today act impulsively, sometimes without knowing that there is a legal notice format for divorce to be followed. 

According to law, one should always send a legal notice for Divorce after marriage in a specific format and think a lot before taking this step, since divorce means the end of marriage and the after effects of this decision can be very traumatic.

Legal Notice for Divorce Must Contain These Following Points

  • Name, description, and place of residence of the sender of the notice.
  • Details of the cause of action.
  • The relief claimed by the sender of the notice.
  • The gist of the legal basis for the relief claimed.

Steps to Draft a Legal Notice

  • The legal notice must be drafted in the letterhead of an Advocate which is to be specific and proper. 
  • It should contain the addresses and contact details of the advocate. 
  • The said legal notice should contain all the communication details of the sender, such as name, contact number, address, etc. on whose behalf and under whose instructions the notice has been written.
  • It should be clearly mentioned in the notice how your right has been infringed due to the act or omission of the opposite party and for that what you want from him.
  • The specific direction must be given to the opposite party and time limit must be given.
  • The notice must be signed with date by the Advocate.

Legal Notice to Wife to Come Back

If the wife, without any reasonable excuse, leave the husband or the matrimonial home the aggrieved party i.e. the husband, may approach the Court for restitution of conjugal rights. 

The husband can send a legal notice to the wife to come back. But before filing the suit for restitution of conjugal rights before any civil court in India against his wife, the husband can send a well drafted legal notice to her and give her an opportunity to return to him.

Divorce Notice | Law House | www.lawhousekolkata.com
Step by step guide to send Legal notice for divorce.