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Create Your Service Agreements Online

We offer complete document of Service Agreements, Bonds and Training Agreements of several MNC's. We are the authorized partner of Tata, Cognizant, Capgemini, Dell, HCL etc, Authentication, and Legalization services, saving you the hassle of knowing the requirements of different organizations. In addition, the process needs to be completed in a particular sequence, which we will carry out for you.

Cognizant Affidavit for Joining

This affidavit is made by the applicant who are about to join the company, undertakes that they will produce all the required documents to the company (CTS) from time to time or asked by the company (CTS) otherwise company (CTS) is having discretionary power to terminate the employment of that employee due to non-adherence.

Cognizant Affidavit for Joining

TCS Non-Criminal Affidavit

All pages of a notarized document should bear the seal of the attesting notary. Other notarial acts may require the seal and signatures on every page certifying the capacity in which the notary has affixed his seal and signatures.

TCS Non Criminal Affidaviit for joining

TCS Education Gap Affidavit

If the employee has a gap in education for a period of six or more months, then the employee is required to submit a GAP certificate that is notarized , made on a 100 stamp paper states the employee’s name, year of GAP and the reason for GAP.

TCS Non Criminal Affidaviit for joining

TCS Service Agreement

You need to get it done on Rs. 100 Stamp paper. The whole contents of what needs to be typed/printed are given by TCS in the joining annexure. You are advised not to modify or delete any contents of the agreement whether or not it is applicable to you.

Next, this Agreement is furnished by a Surety. This surety can be anyone (parents, relatives, neighbors) who is an Income Tax payee.

TCS Non Criminal Affidaviit for joining

Capgemini Training Agreement

This Training Agreement is required to be submitted by the applicant who is about to join the company (Capgemini).


Dell Non-disclosure Agreement

This Non-Disclosure Agreement is required to be submitted by the applicant who is about to join the company (Dell).

Dell Non-Disclosuser Agreement

Infosys Service Agreement

Infosys asks for a certain list of documents that you need to submit to the company while joining the training program. This document list consists of education certificates/documents, medical certificates, NSR registration, service agreement, etc.

Infosys Service Agreement || Law House | Kolkata

General Employment Agreement

In addition to our translation services, we can also directly issue documents in various foreign languages. We have experts in various languages, as well as a selection of qualified translators.

Notary Signature || laww House || Kolkata

What we offer?

We aim to provide efficient Legal services at competitive prices. Most standard Agreements are completed in less than a minute. Using our online service is the easiest way to get your Agreements and Legalized at the same time. For Customize Employment Agreement simply email an electronic copy of your document to us for a fast quote and let us take it from there.

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