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In case of a contested divorce, certain specific grounds are required to be fulfilled before the filing of a petition. Read More...
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minimum period of six months can be relaxed by the trial court in certain situations and the estrange Read More...
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The district court may decree of restitution of conjugal rights to bring about cohabitation between the estranged Read More...
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Alimony is financial support paid by one ex-spouse to the other after the marriage has legally ended. Read More...
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When either the husband or the wife has, without reasonable excuse, withdrawn from the society of th Read More...
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And not later than eighteen months after the said date, if the petition is not withdrawn in the meanti Read More...
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Unless at the date of the presentation of the petition one one year has elapsed Read More...
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Maintenance and education of such children as might have been made by such decree or interim orders in Read More...
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1. Alimony can be avoided if the wife remarries. Wife will not get anything. Husband will have to continue to pay for Read More...
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Then Section 498-A case will be quashed. You can also document the settlement that has been agreed between you Read More...
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