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Affidavit — Education Gap

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Affidavit — Education Gap


There are many benefits of owning this document, a few of them are enlisted below:

  • Bridges your academic break
  • Helps you in completing the education after taking a break
  • Helps you in managing the crisis
  • Explains the loss of education
  • Helps in job interviews
  • Reduces the pressure of not being able to complete studies
  • Puts a good image in front of the recruiters
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What is Education Gap Affidavit?

Education Gap Affidavit is a document of the declaration given on a non-judicial stamp paper that states the period and reason of the interval taken clearly. It is also called gap year certificate or gap affidavit. Further, if a student wasn’t able to complete his course in a given time and therefore has dropped out, he will be required to submit a this affidavit/certificate. In it, the student needs to declare that he/she were neither involved nor assisted in any illegal case and that no case has been registered in their name. Solicitation of wrong information may even lead to cancellation of admission.

Gap Affidavit Uses

It is a crucial document that you can use if you have taken a gap year between your education. It is required in different cases:

  1. It acts as proof of your gap year and the reason behind it
  2. It is used to continue education
  3. It is used to get a job after a long gap
  4. It helps to compensate for the educational backlog created

What Is To Be Included In A Gap Year Affidavit ?

Like all affidavits, even this particular affidavit, to be held legally enforceable, has to be sworn before a person legally authorised to administer oath eg: a Notary Public. The person so making the affidavit is known as the deponent. In the gap year affidavit, the deponent needs to mention the following-

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Name of parent or guardian
  4. Place of residence
  5. Details of the exams cleared and year of passing
  6. Period during which gap was taken during education
  7. Purpose of taking a gap
  8. A declaration that candidate was not doing anything illegal or anti-national,
  9. An affirmation that the deponent is making true and authentic statements and everything stated is true to the best of his/her knowledge.

Additional information

Education Gap Affidavit

Education Gap Affidavit, Notary


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