How to avoid alimony


How to avoid alimony

Avoiding Alimony is not a piece of cake, it is important to find out factors which influence such a requirement in a divorce case:

1. Alimony can be avoided if the wife is guilty of infidelity:

Yes, that’s right. The divorce proceedings may be based on the merits of the case but this is a precedent fact.

2. Alimony can be avoided if the wife is wife? well:

When the wife is earning really well, alimony part will depend on the discretion of the court.

Normally the court will look into the husband and wife’s financial status. If their incomes have variation and the court feels that their standard of living should be maintained to the level when they were married, it will pass necessary orders.

3. Alimony can be avoided if the husband proves that he has no source of income:

If the husband is unemployed during the divorce proceeding, the husband can avoid alimony. This shall include circumstances where the husband has been separated by his family business or he has gone insolvent.

4. Alimony can be avoided if the husband remarries and has to take care of his second wife.

5. Alimony can be avoided if the wife remarries. Wife will not get anything. Husband will have to continue to pay for children if any

6. Alimony can be avoided if the husband is disabled and unable to earn a living. On the contrary, the wife can be asked to pay alimony by the court.

This information is provided for knowledge purpose only. Always consult an expert lawyer before initiating law related procedures.

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