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Monthly Archives: February 2023

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cybercrime, hacking, tampering with computer system, child pornography, misrepresentation, violence against women, stalking, harassment, terrorism, sexual exp
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cybercrime pick its highest level during lockdown and women are the most vulnerable during this period, to protect women government has implemented a cybercrime
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prevent cybercrime against women and children cyber awareness, identity theft, forensic, CDAC, to protect the women from cyber attack follow these guideline an.
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cybercrime law in India: Information Technology Act, 2000 & Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 mainly the legal framework to protect from cyber related
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report cybercrime in India: central government implemented an online portal, click here to submit your cybercrime online National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal
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cybercrime as domestic violence: sexual harassment, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, revenge porn, voyeurism are the most common offence against women, hacking and
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cybercrime is not limited to fraud, hacking, identity theft only but it includes cyber terrorism child exploitation, revenge porn, cyberbullying, malware etc.
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Various forms of cybercrime includes hacking, phishing attack, identity theft, cyberstalking, ransomware, child exploitation, pornography, stealing secrets
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cybercrime: use variety of techniques to carry out their activities, including social engineering, malware attacks, and exploiting vulnerabilities systems.
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cybercrime against women the most affected victim of including India, not only negligence, it also includes lack of awareness. Revenge porn, cyberbullying
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