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How to become Litigation Attorney? Top 3 Reason

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Who is a litigation attorney?

A litigation attorney, also known as a litigation lawyer, is someone who defends people in civil lawsuits. They basically defend their client in civil suits rather than criminal matter.

What are the qualification required for civil litigation Lawyer?

A minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B) is required in order to practice as a civil litigation attorney.
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What is the Service Industry of Civil Litigation Attorney or Lawyer?

  1. Probate Practice
  2. Courts
  3. Media House
  4. Real Estate Company
  5. College/Universities
  6. NGOs
  7. National Commision for Human Rights
  8. National Commission for Human Rights

Can Civil Litigation Lawyer work as a freelancer?

Yes, a civil litigation Lawyer can work as a freelancer and can do legal work without getting attached with any law firm.

What is the job role of Litigation Lawyer?

  1. Investigating the case
  2. Gathering Information
  3. Consulting with the client.
  4. Filing documents to the court
  5. Drafting pleas
  6. Representing clients during a civil trial
  7. Gathering evidence and investigating witness statements
  8. Arranging and conducting depositions
  9. Negotiating settlements
  10. Appealing court decisions

What is the Pay scale of civil Litigation Lawyer?

As a fresher a civil litigation Lawyer can get around 1,20,000 to 2,00,000 per annumn and this amount increase time to time as per their experience, knowledge and Hard work.

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What Type of Legal Matter Litigation Attorney handles?

Litigation Attorney or Lawyers generally handle Civil Suit that Includes

  1. Business and commercial litigation
  2. Public interest litigation
  3. Personal injury litigation
  4. Patent litigation
  5. Business Litigation
  6. Landlord /Tenant Litigation
  7. Financial Litigation
  8. Real estate Litigation.
  9. Family Litigation
  10. Employment Litigation

Do I need any Litigation Lawyer for my Civil Suit?

In India, any person can stand his/her defend in any court of law but if another party is taking legal action against you, it may be wise to consult a civil case lawyer. Not only are lawyers experts in the various legal procedures, but they’ll also provide crucial advice so you’ll avoid making any costly mistakes.

How much Fees do I need to Pay to a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Fees of civil litigation Attorney or Lawyer depends on several factors.

Flat Fee: Common in more straightforward or well-defined legal cases, such as wills, bankruptcy filings, or uncontested divorces.

Date wise Fee: A civil Litigation lawyer can take fees based on per day hearing in the court.

Contingency fee: In a contingency fee structure, the client makes no upfront payment. Instead, the attorney will get paid a certain percentage of the settlement amount, should they win the case.

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