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How to file an FIR online in India?

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What is FIR or First Information Report?

FIR in simple words is First Information Report. An FIR is a written document which is prepared by the police in India. It is prepared when the police receive information about the commission of a cognizable offense. In simple words, it is a complaint lodged with the police by the victim of a cognizable offense or by someone on his or her behalf, but anyone can make such a report either orally or in writing to the police. but anyone can make such a report either orally or in writing to the police. People can also lodge an FIR through an online medium. This Article will help you to guide how to file an online FIR in India.

Why is FIR important?

An FIR is a very important document as it sets the process of criminal justice in motion.
It is only after the FIR is registered in the police station that the police takes up
an investigation of the case.

Who can file?

  1. The Victim Himslef/herself
  2. Any other person on behalf of the victim
  3. If you have seen the offence being committed
  4. A police officer can also file an FIR himself

What are the important aspect of Filing a FIR online?

  1. Enter the complainant’s name: Fill the name of the person who wants to lodge the e-FIR
  2. Enter the father’s/mother’s name: Fill the complainant’s parents’ name
  3. Enter the complainant’s Address- Enter the full address
  4. Enter complainant’s mobile number- complainant’s working mobile number.
  5. Enter complainant’s email ID: Email-ID is important because a copy of your e-FIR will be sent to you via email for verification.

Now the police departments in different states have introduced an online system to register FIR. This saves time, money and most of all, is free of any harassment and with a large percentage of FIRs now being filed online, the police staff has been freed of public pressure which in turn ensures a better FIR follow up and quicker response to complaints filed.

S. No.StateOnline Police Complaint/FIR PortalFAQs
1New Delhi Here
2Uttar PradeshOnline ComplaintClick Here
3Haryana Here
4Rajasthan Here
5Maharashtra Here
6Madhya PradeshOnline Complaint RegistrationClick Here
7Gujarat Here
8Tamil NaduOnline Complaint RegistrationClick Here
9Himachal PradeshHimachal Pradesh Citizen PortalClick Here Here
11Jharkhand Here

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