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Know How to file Complaint under Factories Act?

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What is the Purpose of Factories Act?

The Factories Act, 1881 was primarily passed to protect children and to provide for a few measures for the health and safety of workers.

What are the Objective of Factories Act?

  • To protect laborers from long hours of work.
  • Maintain healthy and sanitary conditions at the workplace.
  • Maintain safety of workers.
  • Maintain Industrial machines used by people so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Regular visit of Industrial sites by Industrial Inspectors to oversee health and safety regulations.
  • Executive provisions have been made for employment of women in factories.
  • Welfare
  • Adequate facilities for washing, sitting, storing clothes when not worn during working hours.
  • If a worker has to work in standing position, sitting arrangement to take short rests should be provided.
  • Adequate First aid boxes should be provided and maintained.
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Punishment under Factories Act

  • For contravention of the provisions of the Act or Rules- imprisonment up to 2 years or fine up to Rs. 1,00,000 or both.
  • Contravention causing death or serious bodily injury- fine not less than Rs. 25,000 in case of death and not less than Rs. 5000 in case of serious injuries.
  • Continuation of Contravention – imprisonment up to 3 years or fine not less than Rs. 10,000 which may extend to Rs. 2, 00,000.
  • On contravention of chapter IV pertaining to safety or dangerous operation.
  • Factories Act works with a primary object to protect workers employed in the factories against industrial and occupational hazards.
  • For that purpose, it seeks to impose upon the owners or the occupiers certain obligations to protect works unwary as well as negligent and to secure for them, employment in conditions conductive to their health and safety from accidents.
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Factories Act, 1948 free law book Download in PDF

The Factories Act, 1948, as amended by the Factories Act, 1987, served to assist in formulating national policies in India with respect to occupational safety and health in factories and docks in India. It deals with various problems concerning safety, health, efficiency and well-being of the persons at work places. A clear defination for the working shifts, overtime, allowances are mentioned in this Book. Download this book Free of cost in PDF.

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