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Stopped by Traffic Police? Know your Rights!

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What are the documents required to be produced when stopped by traffic police?

  1. Registration Certificate (RC)
  2. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  3. Driving License (DL)
  4. Car insurance policy document

What are the powers of traffic officers?

  1. Power to pull over in order to check the documents or in case of any suspicion.
  2. Power to seize your vehicle in case of a traffic violation.
  3. Power to confiscate your license based upon any sort of suspicion with the consent.
  4. Power to arrest you without a warrant if you’re found out to be under the influence of a banned drug or substance or alcohol.

Your Rights when stopped by a traffic police officer?

  1. Ask for identification: You can always ask traffic police to produce his/her identity card while you have been stopped by a police officer. If the traffic cop refuses to present their identity to you, you can refuse them to produce your documents.
  2. Present your driving license: you need to present your Driving license at that moment while demanding by a traffic police officer.
  3. Receipt against the confiscation of driving license: If the traffic police officer confiscates your license, then make sure to collect the receipt of the same.
  4. Cannot tow the car with a person inside: The Traffic Police cannot tow your car away if a human being is sitting inside the car.
  5. File a complaint in case of harassment: If any time you feel that you have been harassed or not treated properly by the traffic police then you can file a complaint about the incident to the nearest police station.
  6. Challan book: Traffic police can only issue challan if they are carrying a government-issued challan book.
  7. On-the-spot fine and payment: You can seek a spot fine to the police officer at the scene of the incident, but in that case, the police officer’s rank should not be below the rank of sub-inspector.
    8.Cannot force you out of the vehicle: A police officer cannot force you to get out of the vehicle or take your keys off the ignition forcefully.

What are the things need to do when stopped by the traffic police?

  1. Be cool, calm, and composed
  2. Be polite and respectful
  3. Don’t be nervous or agitated
  4. Adhere to the rules

Can traffic police stop you for no reason?

Yes, Traffic police can stop you for no reason because the main role of traffic policy is to ensure safety on the road. Traffic police can stop you also on the ground of suspicion.

Can a traffic police officer take out your car keys?

No police officer irrespective of any rank can take out your car key forcefully.

Are DigiLocker uploaded car documents valid in India?

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, it is absolutely legal to carry your documents electronically and has to be accepted as a legal form of documentation.

Read the complete Central Motor Vehicle Rules by Law House to stay updated about your motor vehicle rights.

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